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With deep knowledge of the functions of different NYC agencies (DOB, DOT, Landmark Preservation Commission, etc) Boyd Consulting helps our customers to navigate the permitting process for each agency. Our expertise in the construction, permitting, code, zoning regulations and violation processes in NYC ensures our client’s success.

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NYC Dept. Of Building (DOB)

  • Job filings for New Building

  • Job filings for Alteration Type I, 2 and 3 filings

  • Obtain New or Alter Final Certificate of Occupancy

  • Subdivision of Condominiums

  • Demolition applications

  • Place of Assembly filings

  • Landmarks filings

  • Fire alarm applications

  • Local Law 11/98 Façade filings

  • Obtain Work Permits (e.g., new building, general construction, structural, mechanical, plumbing, sprinkler, scaffold, fence etc.

  • Equipment-use permits

  • After-Hour-Permit (Variance)

  • Letter of No Objection

  • Attending ECB Hearings

  • Removal of stop work orders

  • Removal of ECB Violations

  • Removal of DOB Violations

  • Filing of LAA Application

  • Filing CD-5 application with Cranes & Derricks

  • Obtain Plumbing & Sprinkler Sign Off

  • Obtaining Letter of Completion (Sign Off)

  • Contractor insurance updates

  • Contact Us if your need is not listed above.

NYC Dept. Of Transportation (DOT)

  • Place container on the street

  • Sidewalk repair/replacement

  • Sidewalk closure (full/partial closure)

  • Pedestrian walkways

  • Place equipment on street (compressor, bobcat etc.)

  • Material on street

  • Vault Filings

  • Revocable Consent Filings

  • Dismissal of violations

  • Contractor insurance update and new registration

  • All other DOT permits

"Boyd Consulting work was completed in a timely manner and the quality of ​their service was superior. Their ​coordination​ with our staff was always conducted in a professional manner. We are pleased to recommend Boyd Consulting to other prospective clients and look forward to the opportunity to do business with them in the future."

Joan H., President

A+H Architecture

NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC)

  • File for Landmarks Preservation Commission filings for interior and exterior renovations

  • Correction of LPC violations

  • Perform site survey for Landmarks Properties.

  • Document existing Landmarks Buildings’ sidewalk by taking pictures.

  • AutoCAD drafting for existing and proposed sidewalk plans.

  • Submit Landmarks application for sidewalk replacement on behalf of a contractor and follow up with Landmarks until permit granted.

NYC Fire Dept. (FDNY)

  • File for Fire Department permits

  • Correction of Fire Department violations

  • Fire Alarm Application Approvals

"Our firm has been using Boyd Consulting, Inc. for all our expediting needs, such as obtaining Plumbing Permits, LAA Permits and Plumbing Sign-Offs over the past ten (10) years. We are very satisfied with their services. The quality of their work is superior, and is always completed in a timely and professional manner."

Michael H. President
Alklem Plumbing, Inc.


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